How Can I Help You ?

I work on my own and with other practioners. If there is an area that I believe someone else can assist you with, better than I, I will recommend them. I also work with other wellness services to provide you with a total holistic experience depending where you are located. I aim to grow this to providers globally. Areas that I can help you with include:

  • Communication
  • Relationship difficulties, e.g. frequent fights, extramarital affairs,
  • Illness, grief and loss.
  • Life transition and adjustment issues.
  • Personal growth and understanding.
  • Sexuality and sexual identity.
  • Anxiety, stress or depression.
  • Individuals or couples considering marriage.
  • New parents facing change.
  • Bringing up teenagers.
  • Separation or divorce issues.
  • Loneliness.
  • Adjustment to step-family arrangements.
  • Workplace problems, retirement and retrenchment
  • Educational advice

How Do You Know if the Counselling Is Successful
I am outcomes based so use tools and techniques to assist you, however the best measure to know if what you have been undertaking is working for you is when you rediscover the power within you and show that you can manage your own circumstances. Your emotional ‘toolkit’ will assist you.

Why Do You Have Wellness Products on Your Site?
I practice Existential Wellbeing which looks at you whole (holistically). Healing is multifaceted  and influenced by what we indigest. Often what happens within our bodies due to illness, our environment, stress or traumatic events, even our thoughts and emotions affect our everyday wellbeing  This can be helped with healthy products. We aim to increase these products with an online store front in the near future, so keep an eye out for this exciting development. Look at Wellness Products for more information.

 Does My Partner Need to Attend Sessions?
No, your partner does not need to attend. Depending on what is discussed you may wish to ask them to do so after an initial or few sessions to get their support or to work through issues together.

 Session length
A session normally runs for an hour and you can contact me via email or my contact form to set up an appropriate time. I work both face – face with an office in South Perth, in Western Australia or online via Skype or Zoom for regional, interstate or overseas sessions. I am also available to travel to other locations.

There is no specific number of sessions you require but if there are ongoing issues then this may take a number of sessions. You may also prefer to have regular sessions so things do not build up to cause you anxiety or stress. It’s always good to have someone you can talk to.

During my sessions I write notes that are then transcribed to my laptop for reference in future sessions. These notes are private and confidential and not shared with anyone. As a counsellor under the Australian NLP Board I cannot reveal what is said in a counseling session to anyone without the clients written permission.

Cost of Session
Session costs are 180.00 AUD for an hour.

A discount is given if you recommend someone who takes up counselling or life coaching for three sessions.

If you are not undertaking counselling but have friends or colleagues who you recommend and they take counselling or life coaching, I provide you with a thank you gift card of your choice, Amazon, Itunes, Myers, Coles or some other brand. You are not only helping your friend or family member but helping me grow as well. Thank you.