Wellness Products

Kia Haere Counselling and Life Coaching is all about your wellness and looking at the person as a whole. We look at the mind, body connection and how your body responds and acts to the way you think and feel.

Poor emotional health can weaken your immune system but you may also suffer from genetic disorders,  experiencing pain or discomfort from ailments, injuries or the effects of aging, have poor gut health or like me believe that too many chemicals have been introduced into our foods and everyday lifestyle products. To have a better, longer life ingesting the right things has become more important than it has ever been before, for ourselves and our families.

We have linked in with a range of products that are natural, using plant derivatives, and others that are organic. All are absolutely fantastic and we are so excited to share them with you for you to lead that healthier, more energetic lifestyle you desire.

Many people today are sensitive to the products they use as the ingredients within are often more harmful than good. With this in mind we have prepared blogs with recipes for you to use that have health benefits.

Additionally our really, exciting news is that we soon will have an online store you can link into as a customer or if wanting to build your own business and financial freedom, an affiliate network that showcases organic, quality products. This business opportunity is only in Australia at the moment but will be undertaking expansion into the USA, followed by European and Asian markets in the near future.

Please keep an eye out for our launch date and if you want more information or want to register early as a customer please fill in the contact form below and send to us at Kia Haere.