New Name Change

Hi Everyone

To maintain consistency in brand we have changed our counselling site name to

Website: Relationships That Matter

Our business website is called  Conversations That Matter




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Conversations That Matter

Everyday chatter consumes us all. We discuss what happened at work, what happened with the children, neighbours, friends, family, what has broken down, what has been fixed, about our hair, our weight, our activities and so the list goes on. We talk about everything but our relationships.

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Can’t Stop The Feeling

A force of nature, love is something we cannot control. Like a bolt of lightening, a free spirit, it dances and radiates light. It has no borders and does not come with conditions  but is given freely even if resisted.

Love has been written about for centuries by poets, song writers, storytellers and spoken off between people to express something, but what is that something?
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