My Journey

My life has been one long adventure where I have chosen to follow different pathways to gain knowledge and wisdom and to grow as a person. It has come full circle as some thirty years ago I was told I would become a counsellor and I did not take the advice seriously.

Along the way, I have counselled both parents and children in school settings as a teacher, then on completing an MBA at Edith Cowan University I assisted predominantly international students with issues such cross cultural relationships and cultural shock when they were returning home. I lectured in Adelaide, Perth and Indonesia having written the course in Cross Cultural Management and assisted staff in various locations to run the program.

Moving into the corporate world, my partner and I ran a marketing company where we promoted food products and had a team of 50 where everyday relationship issues such as abuse, children, martial and divorce issues impacted on job performance. Staff were counselled to assist them and make them more productive.

Eventually I went into working in the consultancy field where I undertook work for state and local government and private enterprise. Work was project based and varied. I enjoyed opportunities such as working with youth in detention at Banksia Hill and using art as a mechanism to reach them. I wrote a paper on Intervention through Art which was presented to the Minister of Arts in WA. Other areas of work included projects in Hospitality and Tourism such as the Australia 11 feasibility study, PR and Events for the City of Mandurah, Capacity building and Organisational development such as Lions Help to Hear Foundation, Community development such as the Domestic Violence plan for the Peel region in Western Australia, Business re-engineering for Cape and content and editing writing for a number of websites, tourism company and a magazine. I have also written numerous reports, business and marketing plans for private businesses.

My journey continued as I joined Western Power then Verve Energy as Learning and Development Manager where my team and I created a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for the Generation branch of the business. During this time I had commenced and nearly completed a Masters of Human Resources.

On departure from Verve, I was head hunted by the Rendezvous Hotel Group in Sydney and became the Vice President Human Resources globally. My role encompassed working with the General Managers and the everyday people issues they faced.

When the financial crisis hit and the organization downsized I decided to leave Australia and went and settled in Indonesia, Bali where I initially did some consultation for a few hotels. With hospitality and tourism the main focus of the island, I created, a website and marketed and sold a hospitality and tourism discount card. Continuous issues with the development of the website and frequent trips back to Australia prior to the eventual death of my mother saw me make the decision after 6 years, to come back home to Australia.

On returning I set up Relationships That Matter using skills I had obtained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Emotional Intelligence, Fast Track, Existential Wellbeing in Counselling, Art Therapy and other courses undertaken as well as using my varied education and business experience.

Relationships That Matter provides a holistic approach to wellness where I examine your stories surrounding your life. I work through the personal, social, spiritual and physical aspects of a yourself and your relationship with partner, children, family, friends and colleagues.  Within my life coaching, due to my love of business and my varied experience within different global environments,  I offer assistance in a niche market – cross cultural management and relationships.

Relationships That Matter helps you uncover the mystery of why events from your past or present may be preventing you from leading the life you desire. Equally if you are experiencing a lack of direction, feelings of boredom, being trapped, anxiety, anger, loss, depression, sadness, loneliness, lack of self esteem  or an important relationship may be proving difficult to manage, then talking to an experienced professional may shine a light and provide some clarity and peace.

Please look at my Relationships That Matter page for a run down of  services and costs that I offer for coaching.

I still continue the journey today continuously learning to be able to assist you better as your relationship coach, whether it’s in your personal or business life.

Offering face to face and online services through Skype or Zoom based on EST or WST please send an email to relationshipstm2u@gmail.com to arrange a time to chat or drop us a line on our contact form.

We look forward to getting to know you.